Cutting Room: Ecclesiastes 5:8-20

Cutting Room is every bit of research that didn’t make it into the Sunday sermon. As always, thank you to my research assistant Ryan Tanski!
— Pastor Pilgrim
  • Word studies: 
    • verse 1 “walk prudently”
      • sh'mor rag'leykhä = This is an imperitive
      • Sh'mor = to keep, guard, observe, give heed
      • rag'leykhä = Literally, a foot, or figuratively a step
    • verse 10 “satisfied”
      • Meaning does not differ
      • BUT*** it is a verb in the Hebrew, not an adjective. (Found that very interesting since verbs are actions we take)
    • verse 18 “enjoy"
      • Raah (raw-ah) = To see, also a verb
      • Also and infinitive meaning:
        • There are two forms of the infinitive:

           1a) Infinitive Construct is used as a verbal noun corresponding
               to the English verbal noun ending in "-ing"

               1a1) as subject
                    to keep the judgments
                    to seek thy heart

               1a2) as object
                    in his "writing"
                    he spoke, "saying"

           1b) The Infinitive Absolute does not allow prefixes or suffixes

               1b1) Used with a verbto emphasize the verbal idea. This is often
                    rendered by an English adverb , such as, "surely", "utterly".

                         he will surely visit you
                         he utterly destroyed the people

               1b2) It may be used by itself with the value of a finite form of
                    the verb, especially an imperative.



  • What are some current/modern day examples of verse 8 “oppression of the poor”?
  • Biblical Examples of verse 4 “vows to God”. When did this go wrong? New Testament idea of vows (James, etc)
    • Your word has value, james 5 tells us to let our yes be yes and our no to be no. 
    • Proverbs says the one who deceives his neighbor and then says "I'm just kidding" is a crazy man
    • Jepthath sacrificed his daughter due to an oath he made to God 
    • This oath is an example of how when we worship God in a way or praise Him in a way that he has not commanded it is an abomination