Preparing for Sunday 7/16/17

Hey Shoreliners!

Psalm 96:2 says “Sing to the Lord, bless His name; tell of His salvation from day to day”. This is one of the reasons why we sing every Sunday! What a joy it is to bless our Savior for what He has done, and proclaim the great salvation that He has given us!

Music in the church is not entertainment, it’s not a catchy tune that we can nod our heads to and it isn’t a venue for musicians to show off their talents. We sing and play music in the church for the purpose of exalting our triune God! What a privilege it is to come and worship, what a privilege it is to use the gift of music for His glory!

Here’s what we’ll be singing this coming Sunday:

1. Open the Eyes of my Heart

This is an important prayer we should pray as we come into the service. “Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you!” I love how this song concludes, in adoration, proclaiming the holiness of God. That really is the only response we can have after we come close to our Savior.

2.  Indescribable

As we continue in worship, we move from proclaiming His holiness to proclaiming His sovereign rule over all creation. Creation reveals His majesty, from every lightning bolt to the colors of fall, we see His grand design. The amazing thing is, as the song tells us, He sees the depths of our hearts and still loves us! How indescribable is that!

3.  All I have is Christ

We introduced this great song by Sovereign Grace Music a couple months ago. It reminds us how foolish and futile our life was before Christ and breaks into a great chorus of praise - “Hallelujah, all I have is Christ. Hallelujah, Jesus is my life!”

4. Come Lord Jesus (Even so Come)

This week Pastor Pilgrim will continue in 2 Peter, and through this whole series we’ll be singing songs that have the Lord’s return in mind. This song is taken directly from the book of Revelation, exhorting us as the church to be ready for Jesus’ return. The song concludes by echoing the apostle John in Revelation 22:20 “He who testifies to these things says, ‘Yes, I cam coming soon.’ Amen, come Lord Jesus!”

5. Great is Thy Faithfulness

We’ll close out our time by singing this beloved hymn. He gives us strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow - great is His faithfulness to us! Amen!!