Preparing for Sunday 7/30

Hey Shoreliners!

The worship team is going through a book called “Worship Matters”. The last chapter encouraged us to remember that the most important thing we can bring to Sunday morning is not our voices, instruments, or musical arrangements, but our hearts. It challenged us to keep our focus and desires on the Lord and what His purposes are. So, as we come together this Sunday, let’s check our hearts - what do we love the most? Where do we spend most of our time? What do we spend our money on? Great questions to think about as we seek to grow deeper in our walk with the Lord become more like Jesus! Here’s what we’ll be singing this Sunday:

1. Happy Day

I love starting off our service with this joyful song about “the greatest day in history”! It helps us put our focus on Christ, who has redeemed us and given us a new identity in Him. 

2.  Everlasting God

As we continue singing, we direct our praise to the one who gives us strength, who is everlasting, does not change and will not fail. We know that everything here on earth is temporary and has a potential to fail, even the ones closest to us may let us down - but our God never will!

3.  Ever Be

Philippians 1:6 says “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” This song reminds us of our Lord’s promise to sanctify us and continue to work in our lives until Christ comes back, or we go to be with Him. May all the glory and praise always go back to Jesus for doing this in our lives. We could never achieve this without Him!

4. This I Believe

This song is based on The Apostles Creed, and it’s important for us to always affirm and hold to the historic teachings as put forth in scripture and affirmed throughout the centuries. I think its especially appropriate to sing this after last week’s teaching on false teachers. We live in an age when so many are abandoning truth - we must fight against this and stay true to God’s word!

5. I Will Rise

During this series in 2 Peter, we’re singing songs that focus on Christ’s return. We’ll close out our service by singing this beautiful, well-written song about the confidence we can have in Christ’s return. We will rise and join with the angels and saints in singing “worthy is the Lamb”. O what a day that will be!