Preparing for Sunday 9/3

Hey Shoreliners!

A.W. Tozer said, “Without worship, we go about miserable.” I believe this is so true, and our attitudes during the week reflect this. If we try and “fix” everything by ourselves, we are depending on our own efforts and not on what the Lord desires to teach us while we’re in the midst of it. On the other side, if our week is going well and we give ourselves the glory, we’re robbing God of what truly belongs to Him. Either way, a life consistent with these two pitfalls will slowly make us miserable. Let’s give him all the worship and praise throughout our week, be in His word, growing through everything the Lord gives us.

Check out what songs we’ll be singing this week:

1.   Build Your Kingdom Here - by Rend Collective

We’ll kick off our service this week by asking the Lord to continue His work in our nation and in our hearts. He has appointed us, the church, to be His ministers of reconciliation. We must have pliable hearts for Him to work in us, and in turn we will be passionate about reaching our world!

2.   Blessed Be Your Name - by Matt Redman

As we move into this song, we’ll start by reading Ecclesiastes 4:1-3, which focuses on the oppression and evil that exists in this world. This song encourages us to live a life of faith, submitting to God’s sovereignty, and blessing His name through every situation, knowing that He desires to help us conform to the image of His Son.

3.   Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) - by Chris Tomlin

In contrast to the situation that Solomon describes in Ecclesiastes 4, is the truth that “if God is for us, who can be against us?” Without Christ, there is no comfort from the darkness of this world - only Christ gives us that peace and hope! Nothing formed against us will stand, He holds the whole world in his hands!

4.   At the Cross (Love Ran Red) -  by Chris Tomlin

As we prepare our hearts to take communion, we’ll focus on the cross and what Christ has done for us. This song also reminds us what our response should be - an attitude of surrender and brokenness. The Christian life is a life of dying to self, and living for Christ!

5.   Jesus, Thank You - by Sovereign Grace Music

We’ll close our service by singing this simple yet profoundly true song together. It’s not a new song, but it will probably be new for most of you. The lyrics focus on our response to the what Christ has done for us - “Your blood has washed away my sin, Jesus thank you!”. My favorite line in the songs speaks of how we were once at enmity with God, and now we are invited to His table - “once your enemy, now seated at your table, Jesus thank you!”