Preparing for Sunday - August 26, 2018

Hi Shoreliners,

We’re excited to gather together again this Sunday and worship with you! As we finish out the month of August, we’ll once again be singing about our firm foundation - Christ Jesus. We’ll also be continuing in our study of John, starting chapter six and learning that Jesus is Sufficient!

Come ready to sing the following songs:

Nothing but the Blood - Traditional (arr. by Andy Cherry)

We’ll kick off our service by focusing on the saving, atoning work of Christ as communicated in this beloved hymn. In an age when many are denying the atonement, we must point to God’s word - “without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins”. Jesus is the mediator of the New Covenant, we no longer have to sacrifice bulls & goats, Jesus’ sacrifice perfectly satisfied the demands of the law! 

Indescribable - Chris Tomlin

As we continue singing, we’ll turn our focus to the indescribable nature of God’s attributes as revealed in creation. Romans 1:20 says, “For His invisible attributes, namely His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” We too, being His creation, were made to worship and give Him glory. We can join along with creation and say - “You are amazing God!”

Jesus, Firm Foundation - Various

This is our new song for the month of August. It is based off the hymn “How Firm a Foundation” written in 1787 by Robert Keene. This hymn has encouraged the body of Christ for over 200 years, and this new rendition continues in this tradition by adding a great bridge and chorus. “We will not be shaken, Jesus firm foundation!”

All I Have is Christ - Sovereign Grace

We’ll finish our opening time of singing with this sobering, yet joyful song. We were once lost in the dark of night, totally blind to our situation, but God came in with His marvelous light and redeemed us. Hallelujah! All we have is Christ!

Build My Life - Passion

We’ll finish our service with this powerful song that calls us to build our lives on the word and work of Christ. He alone is worthy, and we joyfully give our lives to serve Him!