Preparing for Sunday - December 3, 2017

Hey Shoreliners!

I’m excited to start the month of December! Pastor Pilgrim will be finishing Ecclesiastes this week, then we can bring on Christmas! For those of you who are excited to sing Christmas carols, we’ll be starting those next week. Until then, we have the great privilege to sing our salvation, to sing Christ’s work and to praise our everlasting God!

Check out what we’ll be singing this week:

1.   Happy Day - Tim Hughes

This is a great song to uplift our spirits as we begin the service. We truly can go throughout each day with joy because of what Christ has done in our lives! 

2.   Everlasting God - Chris Tomlin

As we continue singing, we’ll worship our God for some of his attributes. This song is taken from Isaiah 40:28-31. Our God never grows faint or weary, we can lean upon His strength in times of distress!

3.   Blessed Assurance - Fanny Crosby

We could spend hours discussing the hymns & life of Fanny Crosby. But instead of boring you to death, we’ll sing one of her many beloved hymns. Our story and song in life should be filled with the blessed assurance that comes with a relationship with Jesus!

4.   Grace Greater than Our Sin - Traditional

This great hymn was authored by Julia H. Johnston. She was a faithful Sunday School teacher for 40 years, and also served as president of the Presbyterian Missionary Society. Ms. Johnston wrote about 500 hymns, but this one is her most well-known. It beautifully describes the “marvelous grace of our loving Lord, grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt!” It is the perfect song to sing as we come to the communion table and reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf.

5.   In Christ Alone - Keith & Kristyn Getty

We’ll end our service by singing this modern hymn that does such a great job of recounting Christ’s finished work on the cross. Only in Him can we find hope. We have no guilt in life, no fear in death because of the power of the cross!