Preparing for Sunday - January 21, 2017

Hey Shoreliners!

I trust that your week is going well! Recently, I’ve been struck by the great tension between God’s transcendence and His immanence. He is transcendent, meaning that He surpasses all our ideas, thoughts, and opinions about him. He is the sovereign creator, and totally unlike us. But, at the same time, He is immanent, which means He’s near to us. He calls us friend, He sent Jesus to become one of us, and He actually lives inside of us by the Holy Spirit. Incredible! It’s important that in our worship, we hold these two tensions carefully. We must never lose our reverence for who God is, but we can rejoice that He calls us into a relationship with Him and invites us to come boldly. Thank you, Father!

James will be leading the next two weeks while I’m traveling in Asia. He’s picked out the following great songs - check them out!

1.   Your Love Awakens Me - Phil Wickam

This song is a great way to start the service. It focuses on our condition before Christ, and culminates in a chorus that focuses on the love of Christ. His love is the perfect example, greater than any love we will ever know!

2.   Sooner Count the Stars - Sovereign Grace

Continuing in our singing, this song dives into the transcendence of our God. We will never come close to understanding who He is, until we are given our new bodies and live with Him forever. For now, we will proclaim “no praise is high enough, no thanks is deep enough, no life is long enough to tell of all You’ve done!”

3.   Indescribable - Chris Tomlin

We’ll continue with this theme, and proclaim His sovereign rule over all creation. Creation reveals His majesty, from every lightning bolt to the colors of fall, we see His grand design. The amazing thing is, as the song tells us, He sees the depths of our hearts and still loves us! How indescribable is that!

4.   Death was Arrested - NorthPoint

We’ll close out our time of singing by focusing on the cross & the resurrection, and the finished work that Jesus accomplished. We are free! Amen!

5.   Come Lord Jesus (Even so Come) - Chris Tomlin

Romans 8:22 tells us that creation is groaning in anticipation of Christ’s return and the transformation that will happen. This song encourages us be ready and waiting for that great day - come quickly Lord Jesus!