Preparing for Sunday - January 7, 2018

preparing for Sunday.png

Hey Shoreliners! Happy New Year! I’m excited to start 2018 with you all, we’re going to have a great year studying through and singing through God’s word. This Sunday, Pastor Pilgrim will be kicking off a sermon series through the first three chapters of Revelation which focuses on the church. We’ll be singing a new song to go along with this series called “O Church Arise.” We’ll also be singing songs that exhort us to have the right focus as we start 2018.

Check out the songs:

1.   Build Your Kingdom Here - Rend Collective

We’ll start off our service by praying this song, and encouraging one another to allow the Lord to “rule and reign in our hearts” in 2018. The Lord’s purposes will come to pass, He will build His church, and He desires to use us in the process!

2.   I Will Call Upon the Lord (Psalm 18:3, 46) 

This is a psalm I grew up singing, and it’s a great reminder for us to be consistent this year in calling upon our Lord in every situation. He is our Rock, Redeemer and Salvation!  

3.   O Church Arise - Keith & Kristyn Getty

I love the songs written by the Getty’s - they are original both lyrically and musically, and most importantly, they are deep, biblically sounds lyrics. This is a great battle-cry song for us as a church. It encourages us to be rooted in scripture, to take up our spiritual weapons and stand for truth. We are His radiant bride, we must “arise for the risen Son!”

4.   Lead Me to the Cross - Hillsong

As we prepare to take communion, this song encourages to have our focus in the right place. Jesus came to earth as a human and experienced life as one of us, all to be obedient to the Father to be our ransom. May we be living daily under the reality of the cross!

5.   Death Was Arrested - NorthPoint Worship

I love closing our service with this song. Christ’s death and resurrection brings freedom! Let’s join and sing together the “song of the redeemed”, praising our Savior for His perfect life, perfect sacrifice, and glorious resurrection!