This year our Christmas at Shoreline theme is "Love Came Down". We're going to look at how, when, and why love came down in the event we celebrate each December 25th. We'll also explore this theme in three consecutive blog posts. For more info, visit christmasatshoreline.com.

John 3:16 is one of the most-known verses in all the Bible. People see the signs held up at sporting events or on the side of the road. Almost every Christian school kid can quote the verse without blinking: 

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

We have talked about "HOW" love came down to us in the person and work of Jesus, and we discussed "WHEN" love came down. But have you ever considered why love came down? WHY did Jesus come to earth as a baby and put on our humanity?

Why? Because God is love. Notice that God doesn't merely have love. The Bible is crystal-clear that God indeed is loving. But the Scriptures take it a step further: God IS love. If you want to know love, you simply need to get to know God. He is love "incarnate". Many people speak about love but their concept is only "romance". It is expressing love in a way that makes you feel loved or cherished. But God demonstrates His love in a divine romance that includes laying down His life for us.

In fact, love is best defined as a verb. Many people can speak of their "love" for someone and yet never demonstrate it. Love that is not demonstrated is not love, however. Love always has a source and an object. The source of love is God, and you and I are the objects of His love. Why did God send us Jesus to die in our place? Because He loves us. He didn't merely "feel" love for us or "tell us" how much He loved us--He showed it. He demonstrated it. He communicated it in a way that cards or flowers or candy never could: He proved it by laying down His life to death.

True love is always demonstrated in action. Why did God send us Jesus? Because He loves us. Imagine that--you are beloved by God. Your father or mother may have rejected you, but God has not forsaken you. He has not left you orphaned. He isn't silent, blind or deaf. He hears your pleas, and your heart's cry for mercy and hope. His answer is Christ--sent humbly as a baby who would grow to be a man crucified on a cross for your sin--and raised to life for your redemption. This Christmas, do you know this amazing love that has come down for you? Would you allow love to flow through your hands and feet to others? Would you demonstrate this amazing undeserved love for someone in your world?

Join us this Saturday, December 24th at 4pm or 6pm for our Christmas Eve Service! For more details, or to learn more about who Jesus is, visit christmasatshoreline.com.