Gods greatness

Preparing for Sunday - February 11, 2018

Hi Shoreliners,

Are you awake? Are you alive, walking in newness of life? Or are you dead? We will be looking at the church in Sardis this week, and the rebuke Jesus gives to this church is that they had an appearance of being live, but in reality they were stone cold dead. We know that only faith in Christ’s finished work makes us alive - but it can be easy to fall into dead rituals and complacency. May we be renewed this week as we gather together!

Check out what we’ll be singing:

1.   Famous One - Chris Tomlin

We begin our service by proclaiming God’s greatness and supremacy. Every part of this universe was created to display His glory!

2.   Nothing but the Blood - Traditional (Andy Cherry arr.)

Continuing in our singing, we’ll move from God’s supremacy, to the importance of the atonement. Hebrews 9:22 tells us “that without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness”. That is the truth communicated in this favorite hymn - nothing can wash away our sin except through the blood of Jesus!

3.   O Church Arise (Arise, Shine) - Keith & Kristyn Getty

Have you enjoyed singing this song throughout our “7 Churches” series? This week, this song is even more relevant as we are told to “wake up!” Let us arise, and shine for Jesus!

4.   Great are You Lord - All Sons and Daughters

We’ll finish our time of singing by again proclaiming God’s greatness - only He brings life, light. and hope in the midst of darkness. Only He can awaken our dead souls! And eventually, all the earth will sing His praises, and bow the knee to Jesus Christ, the Lord.

5.   I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) - Traditional (Chris Tomlin arr.)

We’ll close out the service with this classic hymn of praise for what Christ has done for us at the cross. How marvelous, how wonderful is our Savior’s love!