Preparing For Sunday - October 14, 2018

Hi Shoreliners,

I’m looking forward to gathering together on Thursday this week to conclude our fast and spend some concerted time in prayer and corporate worship! I’m praying that Thursday will be refreshing and encouraging as we sing and pray together. Here are the songs that we’ll be singing on Thursday & Sunday:

Come ready to sing the following songs:


1. Cannons - Phil Wickam

2.   Mediator - Ghost Ship 

3.   Come behold the Wondrous Mystery - Matt Boswell

4.   You never let go - Matt Redman

5.   Your Name - Paul Baloche

6.   All Glory be to Christ - Kings Kaleidoscope 

7.   Be Thou My Vision - Traditional


1. God of Wonders - Third Day

2. Our God - Chris Tomlin

3. I Saw the Light - Traditional

4. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Chris Tomlin

5. Be Thou My Vision - Traditional

Preparing for Sunday 4/23

Hey Shoreliners!

I trust that Easter Sunday was an encouragement for you. What a great time we had together celebrating our risen Savior! Let’s not let that joy diminish as time continues to march forward.

This Sunday we’re looking forward to having Pastor Carl Dixon from Calvary Sarasota with us. We’re going to be looking at Mark 2:13-17, which reminds us that God’s grace is available to every person, even to those who are considered the “dregs” of society. All that is needed is a repentant heart! With this passage in mind, we’ll be singing the following songs together:

1. God of Wonders

This is always a great song to start out with - it praises God for being “Lord over all creation”, the omnipotent, holy, awesome creator of all things - beyond the galaxies and beyond our imagination! See Psalm 40:5 & 19:1-4.

2.  Your Grace is Enough

As we get ready to hear from the book of Mark, this song encourages us to remember how gracious our God is.  The 2nd verse references the old testament, reminding us that just as God was patient and gracious with the Israelites, that grace continues to be offered to us!

3.  All I have is Christ

We introduced this new song on April 2nd. The lyrics are so well-written and help us remember that before Christ we were utterly lost and on the opposite path. It reminds me of Romans 10:9-10 “There is none righteous, no not one!” and Roman's 5:8 “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The only boast we have is to exclaim “Hallelujah! All I have is Christ!” 

4. Here’s My Heart

As the sermon finishes and we go into a time of worship & response, this is a great prayer to sing. “Here’s my heart Lord, speak what is true.” Our desire should be to always be humble, always be open to the Lord molding and teaching us. All truth comes from Him - speak to our hearts Lord!

5. How Great Thou Art

We’ll finish our service similar to the way we started - with a great hymn of praise that again focuses on how wonderful and awesome our God is. I also love the third verse of this hymn - it looks forward to the future when we will be in God’s presence proclaiming His greatness! “When Christ shall come, with shouts of acclamation, and take me home what joy shall fill my heart. Then I shall bow, in humble adoration, and there proclaim, my God how great Thou art!”

Listen to our setlist below: