outdoor service

Preparing for Sunday - April 15, 2018

Hi Shoreliners,

It was great to have Pastor Chris share the word with us last week and a big thanks to Sony for leading in worship! This Sunday is going to be special, as we are having an outdoor service and kicking off our new study through the book of John! It’s been awhile since I’ve gone slowly through one of the gospels - so I’m looking forward to grow in my knowledge of who Jesus is and what He has done!

Check out what we’ll be singing this week:

This is Amazing Grace - Phil Wickam

This is always a great song to start our time of worship. It helps us put our focus on what Christ has done, and His great grace toward us. The more often we are reminded of who we are, unworthy sinners, the better we can rejoice and proclaim of our great salvation!

Christ Is Enough - Hillsong

As we kick off our study in John, this is a good song to lead us in. We are reminded that Christ is our reward, He is our salvation and nothing in this world will ever compare to Him! One of my favorite lines in the song reminds us that “heaven is our home”. We must have that eternal perspective on our minds - it will change our focus and outlook on life.

Our Great God - Fernando Ortega

If you haven’t listened to some of Fernando Ortega’s music - I strongly encourage you to do so! This is a beautifully written song that describes who our God is, His protection in our lives and His sovereign power over creation. When faced with the awesome majesty of who He is, we cannot help but exclaim “Hallelujah! Glory be to our great God!”

Build My Life - Passion

Our theme at Shoreline this year is “Depth & Devotion”. This song reminds us that our God is worthy all of our praise and every aspect of our lives. We sing together “I will build my life upon Your word, it is a firm foundation”. May that be true in every one of our lives!

O Come Let us Adore Him - Traditional

We’ll close out our service by singing this simple chorus, magnifying the name of Jesus and calling us together, as His body, to come and adore Him!