Preparing for Sunday - May 20, 2018

Hi Shoreliners,

Let us “Behold our God” this week as we sing and worship Him for his many marvelous works and perfect attributes. Pastor Pilgrim will be finishing up John chapter one this week - see you Sunday!

Come ready to sing the following songs:

Holy is the Lord - Chris Tomlin

The holiness of God is a great place to start on Sunday morning. The more we understand the nature of God compared with our sinfulness, the more we will rejoice in our salvation! This simple, yet Biblical song by Chris Tomlin will kick off our singing.

How Can I Keep from Singing - Chris Tomlin

As we meditate on God’s attributes and our great salvation, this song declares “how can I keep from singing your praise, how can I ever say enough how amazing is Your love”. In this song, we move from God’s holiness to His love for us. The gospel impacts and changes every part of our life, the joy and hope that we now have should truly motivate us to never stop singing & praising!

Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery - Matt Boswell

This song is one of the best new songs written about the person and work of Christ. It echoes our passage this week in John, as we are to “Behold the Lamb of God!” Verse one speaks of His incarnation, verse two of His perfect life, verse three of the cross, and verse four of the resurrection and victory!

Behold Our God - Sovereign Grace

We introduced this song on Easter Sunday. It is taken from Isaiah 40:9-15 and calls us to consider the vast power and might of our God, it culminates in a powerful bridge and chorus, “nothing can compare, come let us adore Him!”

Grace that is Greater - Traditional

We’ll finish our service by singing about the grace we have received. It truly is “greater than all our sin”, it is marvelous, infinite, matchless grace. Amen!

Preparing for Sunday - December 31, 2017

preparing for Sunday.png

Hey Shoreliners!

I trust you had a great Christmas! We usually head up to Pennsylvania for Christmas to visit Katrina’s family, but this year we stayed and had our first Christmas in Florida. This Sunday is our last service of 2017 - wow! I’m looking forward to having an outside service, enjoying some fellowship together, and praising Jesus for what He did in the mist of us during 2017, and looking forward to 2018!

Check out what we’ll be singing this week:

1.   God of Wonders - Third Day

Taken from Psalm 40:5, this song helps us focus our minds and hearts on our God and his sovereign rule over all creation. He truly is the “God of Wonders” and has shown it to us, not only through creation, but through our own lives as well!

2.   10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman

As we look ahead to 2018, this song helps us remember to bless our Lord at every moment, throughout every situation. It tells us that our Lord is rich in love and slow to anger, and we should never stop proclaiming His goodness. 

3.   All I have is Christ - Sovereign Grace Music

We always need to preach the gospel to ourselves, and be reminded of the amazing work Christ accomplished on our behalf. As we begin a new year, we must be aware of God’s great grace, and that we would be utterly lost without His work in our lives.

4.   Be Thou My Vision - Traditional (arr. by Ascend the Hill)

We’ll finish our service with this Irish hymn, with a prayer that the Lord would be our vision for 2018 and beyond. Only He brings true satisfaction to our souls, may we, as a church, grow in our depth and devotion this year!