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Preparing for Sunday - October 15, 2017

Hey Shoreliners!

This Sunday we’ll be taking a break from our study of Ecclesiastes, and look at what worship is from Mary’s perspective in Luke 1. After hearing what God’s plan was for her, she broke out in ten verses of praise & adoration to the Lord. She is a great example for us and I’m excited to consider this passage with you. Yes, Pastor Pilgrim asked me to preach this Sunday, so we’re switching things up a bit this week. James will be leading our time of singing, and he’s picked out a great set of songs that go well with our text!

Check out the songs we’ll be singing this week:

1.   10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman

A paraphrase of Psalm 103, this is a great song to start out our service with. It exhorts us to praise the Lord as we rise up and when we lie down, through every season of life and in the eternity to come. Ten thousand years and then forevermore! 

2.   Mighty to Save - Hillsong

In our passage this week, Mary sings, “He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name.” She was speaking specifically of God choosing to work in her life in an amazing way, we as well can worship the Lord for the mighty work of salvation that he has done for us!

3.   Great are You, Lord - All Sons and Daughters

Continuing with the theme of God’s greatness, we sing in this song that we have life, love, light & hope only in Him. We shout in worship - “great are you Lord!” There can be no other response than to fall on our knees, 1 John 3:1 says, “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!”

4.   The Heart of Worship - Matt Redman

As we close the service, what a great song to sing in response. We must reclaim the proper definition of the word “worship”. No longer can it refer to just “singing”, or the “worship team”, it is so much deeper than that! It involves our whole life, every moment of every day. Let’s sing with a new love & fresh devotion - He is the “king of endless worth”!

5.   Ever Be - Aaron Shust

We’ll finish our time together by singing the chorus & bridge of this song as we leave. It’s the perfect phrase to have in our minds as we start a new week - “Your praise will ever be on my lips!"